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About Us

Emerald Beauty Roots

We are an Irish based family run business with passion for organic health and beauty products.

Our success is that we have achieved two gold medals "plus" supreme trophy for Organic Health & Beauty Products.


Our production is based on organic ingredients, and proven recipes passed on from generation to generation. This makes our skincare products unique. Only in this way can we be sure that our customers get the best. Our efforts were recognized and we were awarded a certificate by IOFGA. But that does not stop us from looking for even better and more secure solutions for our skincare products. Our organic face creams, organic body creams and other organic skin care products meet the highest standards which is appreciated by our existing clients.

Our Values

We believe that pure Mother Nature has enormous potential in the treatment and beautification of our bodies so the only way to achieve this objective are organic products from organic ingredients. That's why we pay special attention to our ingredients come from the best organic regions of our planet.


Our skin care products are distinguished by the fact that we are particularly focused on the quality of skincare products manufactured by us.

We also strive to make our high quality skincare products available for everyone at affordable price.

News and Events
Latest news about our company

16 May 2011 |
Changing the look of our website
Today we introduced a new look on our website. We hope you will enjoy it

16 May 2011 |
New Online Store
Preparations are underway to launch a new online store with our skincare products. Unfortunately, the old version does not work. We are sorry about this.

11 May 2011 |
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